Thursday, May 10, 2012

2011 Conference Round-up

It’s been a busy and productive year for the area, with our students presenting at conferences both domestically and internationally. Here’s a round up of some of the student presentations from this year that haven’t yet been featured on the news page.

Canadian Multidisciplinary Road Safety Conference: Congratulations to all the students affiliated with the Wiesenthal lab who presented at the Canadian Multidisciplinary Road Safety Conference in Halifax this, and especially to Ashley Hall, who won a Student Research award for her honours thesis. Ashley is now a graduate student at the Universityof Manitoba, but will be continuing her work with the Wiesenthal lab this summer.
Ashley Hall : The Effects of Music Tempo on Driver Risk Taking.  
James RoseboroughThe Belief in an Unjust World and Narcissism--the Influence of Personality on Perceptions of Injustice, Driving Anger, and Aggressive Driving.
Christine Wickens, Dave Wiesenthal, Ashley Hall and James RoseboroughDriver Anger on the Information Superhighway: A Final Report.

Taking Stock of a Turbulent Decade and Looking Ahead: Immigration in North America 2000-2010: Congratulations to Jorida Cila for her poster presentation on “Cultural Brokering and Bicultural Identity: An Exploratory Study” at an international conference on immigration, held in London Ontario.

York University Psychology Graduate Student Association Conference: The SP area was very well represented at this years PGSA conference this year. Congratulations to all the presenters!
Kristine FitzgeraldExamining Attitudes and Behaviour Toward Feminists: The Impact of the Feminist Label.
Dean HodgePerceptions of control over positive and negative events.
Melina CondrenThe Effects of Perceived Social Support on Internalized Homophobia.
Constance Mara & Joana KatterFinancial Threat and Anxiety: The Importance of Proactive Coping and Practical Social Support

American Psychology-Law Society Conference: Congratulations also to Kristine for her poster presentation “Race-based pretrial questioning: Can explicitly rendering racial issues salient impact jurors’ decisions in trials of Black defendants?” at this years AP-LS conference, held in sunny MiamiFlorida.