Thursday, May 10, 2012

2011 New Students and Convocating Students

We’re part way through the semester already, and our area has been very busy the past few months. There’s a lot of news to catch up on in the coming weeks, but we’ll start by welcome our new students and congratulations to our recent graduates.
First off, welcome to our new class of MA students; David Li (Schuller Lab), Corey Lipman (Steele Lab), Marina Rain (Mar Lab), Tonia Relkov (McCann Lab), andElizabeth Van Mosjou (Struthers Lab). Information on their research interests has been added to the Grad Students page, and we’re sure that they’ll all contribute to making our area great.
Also, congratulations to Evelina LouSadia ZafarMelina Condren, and James Roseborough, who convocated with their MA’s in the June ceremonies, and who all will be continuing here at York with their current supervisors. Congratulations again toZdravko Marjanovic and Su Chang, who successfully defended their dissertations last winter and are currently working on post-docs. Paul Fairlie, supervised by Gord Flett, also convocated in the June ceremonies with his PhD, and is currently working at his own consulting firm.
Coming from the October ceremonies last month, congratulations to Katrina FongIngrid Galfi-Pechenkov and Rebecca Young, who earned their MAs. All three will remain here at York. Congratulations also to Michelle Lustman, supervised by Dave Wiesenthal, andGwen Jenkins, supervised by Raymond Mar, who convocated with their PhDs.