Tuesday, July 03, 2012

2012 Conference Round-up

Conference presentation is an activity that our graduate students are always engaged in. Here is a snapshot of some of the student presentations that were made in the past few months.

Annual Convention of Canadian Psychological Association: This year CPA was held in the beautiful Atlantic region of the country (Halifax, NS). It was very well attended by students and faculty members of our area.

Congratulations to the following students for their presentations:

  • Melina Condren for her symposium presentation, “Financial threat as a mediator of economic hardship on anxiety: A cross national study”, and her poster presentation, ”Satisfaction with support as a predictor of minority stress in lesbians and gay men
  • Katrina Fong for her poster presentation, “Confidence in online self-presentation
  • Ingrid Galfi-Pechenkov for her poster presentation, ”Cultural orientation: How it shapes identity and affect
  • Evelina Lou for her poster presentation, “Multicultural experiences and biculturalism do not always guarantee enhanced creativity
  • Taryn Nepon for her poster presentation, “Dimensions of perfectionism, depression, and self-stigma of seeking psychological help
  • Andy Ng for his symposium presentation, “Will you remember me? How culture moderates the relationship between interdependence and face recognition
    • Andy won the John W. Berry Award with this presentation
  • Curtis Phills for his symposium presentation, “Mind the gap: Increasing associations between the self and Blacks with approach behaviors
  • Marina Rain for her poster presentation, “Cellphone use and social identity
  • Tonia Relkov for her symposium presentation, “Personal resources and financial threat: Predictors of psychological well-being
  • Sadia Zafar for her symposium presentation, “National disidentification, perceived religious discrimination, and religious identity: A study among Canadian Muslims and Jews

York/University of Toronto Social, Personality, and Abnormal Psychology conference: YUTSPA was held at York University on May 17, showcasing graduate student research in the social and personality areas of York University and University of Toronto. Congratulations to Melina Condren, Careen Khoury, Marina Rain, and Oth Vilaythong for their excellent talks!

Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues Biennial Conference: Congratulations to Allison Bair for her symposium presentation, “Predicting implicit racial attitudes in Black participants: The role of racial ideology and the social context”.

Annual Convention of Association for Psychological Science: This year APS was held in Chicago, IL. Congratulations to Andy Ng for his poster presentation, “Cultural differences in negativity bias in attitude formation”.

The Southern Ontario Behavioural Decision Research conference: This year SOBDR was held at the University of Waterloo. Congratulations to Andy Ng for his poster presentation, “Cultural differences in indecisiveness: The role of dialectical thinking”.

American Psychology-Law Society Conference: Congratulations to David Li for his poster presentation, “Pubic perceptions of wrongful conviction and exoneration".

Graduate Student Conference in Translation Studies: Congratulations to Jorida Cila for her paper presentation, “Exploring language brokering: Evidence from South Asian Canadian young adults”.