Sunday, July 28, 2013

2013 Conference Round-up

Our graduate students are very active in presenting research findings in various conferences. Here is a snapshot of some of the student presentations that were made in the past few months.

Annual Convention of Canadian Psychological Association: This year CPA was held in Quebec City, QC. As always, it was very well attended by students and faculty members of our area.

Congratulations to the following students for their presentations:
  • Jorida Cila for her symposium presentation, “Attitudes toward interfaith dating and marriage among Muslim youth: The role of religiosity, cultural identity, and family connectedness
  • Careen Khoury for her poster presentation, “The relation between power and post-transgression responses and the mediating role of approach and inhibition
  • Evelina Lou for her symposium presentation, “The curious case of positive stereotypes: When being “good at math” has negative outcomes for East Asian Canadians
  • Andy Ng for his symposium presentation, “Cultural influences on indecisiveness and variety preference: The role of na├»ve dialecticism
  • Tonia Relkov for her poster presentation, “Vulnerability to depression: The effects of ostracism on self-regulation for sociotropic and autonomous individuals
  • Alexandria West for her poster presentation, “Investigating the interaction between bicultural identity, bilingualism, and cognition
  • Sadia Zafar for her poster presentations, “Perceived discrimination and bicultural identity integration: The role of religious identity” and “Familial abuse of South Asian women: Analysis of women’s narratives of victimization

York/University of Toronto Social, Personality, and Abnormal Psychology conference: YUTSPA was held at University of Toronto (Scarborough) on May 10, showcasing graduate student research in the social and personality areas of York University and University of Toronto. Congratulations to Maggie Cease, Joana Katter, Andy Ng, and Elizabeth van Monsjou for their excellent talks!

Black Graduate Conference in Psychology: Congratulations to Allison Bair for her paper presentation, “Pro-Black, pro-White or pro-active? Linking implicit racial attitudes and racial ideologies in Black participants”.