Sunday, February 23, 2014

SPSP Annual Conference – Austin, TX

Go big or go home in Texas! York University Graduate Students and Faculty just returned from presenting their research at the (15th) Annual Meeting of The Society for Personality and Social Psychology, which was held this year in Austin, Texas, at the Austin Convention Center. As usual, York was well represented.

Great job! Congratulations to those who presented their research:

  • Maya A. Yampolsky – “The Multicultural Identity Integration Scale (MULTIIS)
  • Meghan George – “Not always black and white: Examining the impact of social categorization on implicit attitudes
  • Regis Caprara – “An eye for the I: Visual attention and intergroup bias  
  • Alexandria West – “Does biculturalism foster greater sensitivity to context?
  • Francine Karmali – “In one ear and out the other: A physiological account of responses to outgroup racism”
  • Elizabeth van Monsjou – “Impact of manipulated adult attachment styles on responses to interpersonal transgressions”

  • Raymond A. Mar – “The influence of fiction on broader social phenomena"
  • Joni Y. Sasaki – “The cultural and biological shaping of religion’s effects"
    • *Cultural Psychology Pre-Conference