Monday, June 16, 2014

Canadian Psychological Association - 75th Annual Conference - 2014

The Canadian Psychological Association held its 75th Annual Conference on June 5th - 7th in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

As always, the York Social/Personality Psychology area was well represented! Way to keep making us proud. Congratulations to those who presented at the event. 

  • Ingrid Pechenkov - "To Ruminate or Not Ruminate: That is a Subjective Question"
  • Evelina Lou -  "Unmasking the Facade of the Model Minority Stereotype"

Symposium Presentations:
  • Maya Yampolsky - "Multicultural Individuals' Identity Configurations and Well-Being"

  • Kerry Kawakami "A Free Pass For Prejudice"

Way to go! Until next year.