Tuesday, May 19, 2015

10th Annual YUTSPA Conference

On May 12th York University and The University of Toronto held The 10th Annual York University of Toronto Social, Personality, Abnormal (YUTSPA) Psychology Conference! This year it was held on the beautiful UT Mississauga Campus.

YUTSPA brings together faculty, post-docs, and graduate students from York University and The University of Toronto for a one-day event to foster collaboration, communication, and a sense of community among Social, Personality, and Abnormal Psychologists in the GTA.

Great job to the York University representatives who gave talks this year:
  • Meghan George - "Implicit racial attitudes of minority and non-White majority children"
  • Alex Tran - "Just tell me what to do: Anxious people are motivated by concrete instructions"
  • Jorida Cila - "Personal names among bicultural individuals: Predictors and outcomes"
  • Katrina Fong - "Reading between the lines: Fiction and attitudes"
*Keynote Speaker: Kerry Kawakami - "Windows to the soul: Preferential attention to the eyes of in-group members" (YORK)

Please take a look at the event program HERE