Monday, June 01, 2015

Dr. Erin Ross' student wins Undergraduate Poster Day!

York University Professor and Social-Personality Area Faculty member Dr. Erin Ross has supervised a specialized honour student that won the departmental wide (across SEVEN areas of psychology) Undergraduate Poster Day!!

Undergraduate student Matthew Conte, poster titled "Learning" Trans* Identifites: A Critical Examination of Sex, Gender and Sexuality in Introductory and Abnormal Psychology Textbooks beat out over 68 other exceptional posters that were presented at the undergraduate poster day.

Considering the challenges students had this year in terms of accessing research participants with the URPP closed during the strike and the absence of statistics TAs to help guide their analyses, we should be especially proud of how well Matthew pulled himself together and completed his thesis research.

Congratulations Matthew and Erin!!

Professor Erin Ross