Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Prof. David Wiesenthal retires, earns lifetime award

We bittersweetly announce the retirement of Prof. David Wiesenthal. Prof. Wiesenthal has been at York University for 46 years (since 1970) after earning his Ph.D in social psychology from SUNY-Buffalo.

Prof. Wiesenthal was also recently recognized by the Canadian Association of Road Safety Professionals (CARSP) with their Lifetime Achievement Award for his traffic psychology research, promotion of road safety and service to the organization.

Prof. Wiesenthal's research largely focused on driver stress/stress reduction, driver vengeance/aggression, driver attributional processes, cognitive processes, risk-taking and media influences on risky driving. Throughout the tenure of his career he has been a Visiting Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and has lectured at theUniversity of Umeå, the University of Stockholm, the University of Linköping, the Swedish Road and Traffic Research Institute, Lund University and the University of Costa Rica. He has also given a series of workshops on traffic psychology for the College of Psychologists (Costa Rica).

We wish you well Prof. Wiesenthal! You will be missed and we thank you for your service.

Prof. Wiesenthal (left) receiving the CARSP Lifetime Achievement Award