Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Ashley Weinberg elected to SPSP Student Committee

Ashley Weinberg, a Ph.D candidate working with Prof. Jennifer Steele was recently elected to serve as SPSP Student Committee member-at-large. For more information on the SPSP Student Committee, click here.

Ashley Weinberg, M.A.

Publicly written statement from Ashley to SPSP membership:
My name is Ashley Weinberg and I was recently elected to serve as SPSP Student Committee member-at-large. In this position I intend to help SPSP student members garner a strong sense of belonging within SPSP and the larger psychological community. I aim to foster natural and genuine connections between student members and the SPSP membership body by realistically addressing hurdles that often prevent this from happening. I will pursue these goals by (1) using feedback from students to respond to these impediments, (2) working to acknowledge concerns specific to diverse student members—especially minority and international students, and (3) providing positive and informal opportunities for networking with other students and more established SPSP members. As SPSP member-at-large I plan to implement and initiate programs and work focused on building academic community and attending to the diverse needs of this community.