Monday, August 17, 2020

Dr. Alex West interviews on CTV about recent paper on biculturals!


Over the weekend, our newly defended PhD candidate, Dr. Alex West, did an interview on CTV about her recent publication in the journal, Social Psychology and Personality Science, "The Cost of Being “True to Yourself” for Mixed Selves: Frame Switching Leads to Perceived Inauthenticity and Downstream Social Consequences for Biculturals". In her paper, she demonstrates that majority Americans perceive biculturals as inauthentic when they shift and adapt their behaviour according to their two different cultural backgrounds and contexts. This leads to them perceiving biculturals as less likable, trustworthy, and even less likely to consider biculturals as romantic partners.  

In the CTV interview, Dr. Alex West summarizes this research and shares her personal experiences and insights as to how to positively frame frame-switching among biculturals.

More information on the publication here:

See the interview here:

We are very proud of you, Dr. Alex West! :)