Graduate Students

Mehdi Isa Arathoon (Struthers; MA)
Research interests: the interrelation among culture and victims' post-transgression responses (i.e., forgiveness, revenge, grudge); how people maintain and form romantic relationships.

Jonathan Bridekirk (Hynie; PhD)
Research interests: social and positive psychology; exploring how motivation can improve social and cognitive development; community-based research, engagement and outreach; refugee experiences and access to Canadian education and resource generation; inclusion in education; examining methods of human flourishing.
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Daniel J. Chiacchia (Greenglass; MA)
Research interestsThe social-psychological consequences of organizational change, especially in relation to technological change (e.g., the automation of work and dehumanization) and economic shocks (e.g., self-compassion and worker-wellbeing during financial crises); how leaders can effectively adapt to organizational change and promote worker well-being; as well as best practices in quantitative methodology, including open science, replicability, statistical power, data visualization, and effect sizes.
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Rebecca J. Dunk (Mar; MA)
Research interests: the relationship between culture and storytelling, public perceptions of the justice system, self-reflection, and beliefs about wealth.

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Chantelle Ivanski (Mar; PhD)
Research interests: feminist psychology, women in media, romance novels, sex positivity.

Christina Lapytskaia (Steele; MA)
Research interestsExamining different aspects of prejudice in society, and researching children's development of prejudice.

Ronda Lo (Lalonde; PhD)
Research interests: How culture and other long-term social experiences in the environment can shape voluntary and automatic processes underlying cognition and social cognition; sibling relationships; East Asian stereotypes in the Canadian context.

Madeline Nickel (Kawakami; MA)
Research Interests: Cognitive processes, social perception, and intergroup bias; particularly, how racial stereotypes and implicit prejudice influence automatic behaviors, and the implications of these behaviors in cross-race interactions.

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Jessica Padgett (Lalonde; PhD)
Research Interests: Diversity representation and its influence on perceptions and attitudes; cultural identity; measurement and scale development. 

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Ingrid G. Pechenkov (McCann; PhD)
Research Interests: Formation and change in the self-concept; influence of personality, social context, and social cognition. The intersection of personality and social, cultural environment; depression and distress.

Joshua A. Quinlan (Mar; PhD)
Research interests: The potential for videogames to induce attitude change and the moderating roles of engagement and genre; measurement of videogame and genre-specific exposure; perceptions of meaning when meaning is ambiguous and the role that personality plays in this process; measurement and scale development; open science.

Stephanie Raposo (Muise; PhD)
Research interests: sexual desire and satisfaction in relationships, self-expansion, sexual exchange, and long-term romantic relationships.

Alisha Salerno-Ferraro (Schuller; PhD)
Research Interests: psychology and law, extralegal factors influencing legal decision-making, cyberjustice (the use of technology in law), the intersection of disability and the law, criminal psychology.

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Deborah Sears (Flett; PhD)
Research Interests: Mattering - the felt need that one matters to another or others; Anti-Mattering - the felt belief that another or others seek to make one feel that one doesn’t matter to another or others; Psychological concepts and psychometric constructs related to mattering and anti-mattering. 
Miranda Too (Greenglass; MA)
Research Interestseconomic stress, goals and motivation, self-control, consumer psychology, time perspective, organizational psychology, leadership, ethical and prosocial behaviour.

Eric Tu (Muise; MA)
Research Interests: Initiation of romantic relationships, early relationships, maintenance of relationship and sexual satisfaction over time, and friendships.

Elysia Vaccarino (Kawakami; PhD)
Research Interests: Social categorization processes; person perception as it relates to intergroup dynamics; motivations underlying prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination, and strategies to reduce these biases.

Kaiwen (Kev) Zhou (Kawakami; PhD)
Research interests: Intergroup perception and indicative oculomotor movements; social neuroscience; automaticity and self-regulation.