Friday, June 22, 2018

Congratulations to the Psychology Undergraduate Awards recipients!

Congratulations to the hard working Psychology undergraduate students who are the recipients of the following undergraduate awards this year!

W.B. Templeton Honours Thesis Award

Amanda Bockaj, thesis entitled: "The benefits of sexual communal motivation for couples coping with low desire", supervised by our own S/P faculty member, Amy Muise!

Kuszyszyn Award for Originality

Alexis M. Fabricius, paper entitled: "Visually impaired women discuss personal safety to inform development of relevant violence prevention strategies", supervised by Alex Rutherford

Ivana Guglietti-Kelly Prize for Qualitative Research

Shalyn Isaacsm, paper entitled: "Exploring the impact of cultural values on the mental health and help-seeking behaviours of first and second generation South Asians", supervised by Alex Rutherford

CPA (Canadian Psychological Association) Awards of Excellence

Amanda Bockaj (see thesis title above)

Rebecca Hudes, thesis entitled: "The impact of memory intervention programs on subjective outcomes in healthy older adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis", supervised by Jill Rich

David Herman, paper entitled: "How and when do parents discuss race with their children?: A literature review of parent's racial and socialization practices in black and white families", supervised by our own S/P faculty member, Jennifer Steele!

Richard Goranson Memorial Psychology Honours Thesis Poster Award

1st place: Marette Abdelmaseh, thesis entitled: "Caregiver relationship styles as a moderator for the association between caregiver behaviours and children's pain-related distress", supervised by Rebecca Pillai-Riddell

2nd place: Amanda Bockaj (see thesis title above)

Special thanks to our own S/P faculty Raymond Mar for being on the adjudication committee and Esther Greenglass for volunteering!