Wednesday, May 14, 2014

YUTSPA Conference

On May 6th York University and The University of Toronto held The 9th Annual York/University of Toronto Social, Personality, Abnormal (YUTSPA) Psychology Conference!

YUTSPA brings together faculty, post-docs, and graduate students from York University and The University of Toronto for a one-day event to foster collaboration, communication, and a sense of community among Social, Personality, and Abnormal Psychologists in the GTA.

Great job to the York University representatives who gave talks this year:

  • Marina Rain - "The Effect of Personal Music on Abstract Thinking and Self-Perceptions"
  • Francine Karmali - "Responses to Outgroup Racism and Our Ability to Predict Them"
  • Joshua Guilfoyle - "The Effects of Post-Transgression Responses on Apology"
  • Joseph Hayes - "What's the Point: Death, Failure, and Fatalistic Withdrawal from Long-Term Pursuits"
*Keynote Speaker: Mickey Inzlicht (U of T)